Top 10 Poster Designers to Follow on Instragram

1. Ken Taylor

An all time favourite of mine and an inspiration in the fact that he’s a fellow Australian who’s done posters for countless bands and films. The level of detail is off the hook and I’m particularly fond of the clearly separated vector colour style. It’s like pop art taken to extreme levels of intricacy if that makes any sense. Probably best to say I really like it and you should follow this dude on Instagram if you like posters or even if you just like art.

King of the negative space, the double entendre or whatever you want to call it, this guy is the bomb when it comes to combining concepts. Check out his website if you want to see some even greater work than just what’s on his Instagram.

Another artist who’s work is so intricate that it’s hard to appreciate on a screen but well worth following none the less.

Most of my current poster art favourites work in the digital realm but Jason Edmiston does most of his work with a brush on canvas which earns him an extra level of respect in my eyes. So fresh and so clean-clean.

Everything is intense about Zoltron from his name to his colour choices. Another favourite who works for all the raddest bands… like Primus.

You don’t get hired by Foo Fighters for doing average poster art. Todd Slater is Zoltron’s subdued bizarro-world twin if you ask me. Lots of cool blues and stillness but still highly detailed. Beautiful work.

If I had to describe it I’d say Matt Leunig’s art is like Robert Crumb meets medieval tarot cards and I love it. I get the vibe that he’s a dude with skills that doesn’t get uptight about much either. I assume the turtle image below is a self portrait.

Crazy Japanese dude who wears bird face masks 24/7. Worth following just for all the photos of him in the mask hangin’ out with Japanese bombshells. He also does amazing super sex filled poster art.

Another crazy artist who’s on such a higher level that i can’t even process how his stuff is even done. Dragon’s, demons and comic book characters, Sutfin nails everything he touches.

The name says it all. Immortal technique. Complete bad-ass. Apparently Godmachine doesn’t really like heavy metal either but you’d never know it. Everything he does looks like the cover of Cannibal Corpse’s greatest hits to me.

I’ll do another 10 soon, as I just realized while doing this how many great artists I had to cut out. Stay tuned for more later. Subscribe to my blergh.

Cheers. Eddie.