Let’s face it: in a world with so much information, we have a habit of glancing at something for a few seconds before becoming distracted by something else. At Hairbrain Creative, we aim to challenge this idea in everything that we do as designers. Graphic art is something more than slick pictures and pretty text — it transfixes the audience and creates imagery that sends a clear message. Even if it’s the most simple flyer design, we will dedicate all the time and effort it takes to provide you with the best possible result.

Take a look at some examples of our flyer design work

There’s not much point in reading about what we do if you can’t see it first hand, so browse through a small selection of our work below to get an idea of what we can achieve. Whether you want flyer design that’s subtle and classy, loud and confronting or anything in between, we can turn your vision into a tangible design that speaks for your brand and is something you can be proud of. If that’s not enough, our designs are affordable without looking cheap because we understand that it’s important to stay within your budget.

We’ll make something special of your brochure or restaurant menu

As your designer, we ask the right questions first time around and don’t have to ask them twice; under your guidelines, we’ll adapt to the identity of your band, restaurant or organisation for a truly unique result. We deliver the final brochure design with a quick turnaround, but that doesn’t mean there is any sacrifice on quality. Regardless of how big or small the project is, we dedicate enough time and effort to make sure it doesn’t just meet and exceed your expectations, but falls in line with our own strict standards as a restaurant menu, brochure and flyer designer.

Talk to the experts

We are always happy to have a no-obligation chat about what we can offer, so don’t hesitate to contact us online and we will get back to you promptly with all the information need. Whether you are looking for restaurant menu, flyer or brochure design, our Brisbane team has you covered. Get in touch today, tell us what you need and find out how we can deliver graphic art to the highest standard.

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